DIY solar powered USB charger. I bought a plastic project box and mounted a 6v 250mah solar panel on top, from there I have a duode , the it goes to a battery pack with 4 AA rechargeable NiMH batteries. From the batteries it goes to a 12v USB adaptor for a car that I took the internals out of. So far so good, its charging my phone. Just have to wait for the batteries to die and make sire the solar panel charges it.

Recently rebuild a little. 

My file server in my closet is running WHS2011 and Plex Server. It has 10TB of storage for all my movies, tv shows, and files. It is connected to my 8 port gigbit switch. Also on the switch is a repeater to give my server and htpc internet access and access to the rest of the home network. I then have my Raspberry Pi (B model) mounted on the back of my tv via some standoffs. the RPi is running Rasplex on a 4gb SD card. Connected to the network via ethernet (wireless usb dongle would work to) I have a 3.5mm to rca adaptor to connect to my external speakers. The RPi is sending video via an HDMI cord to the tv and is powered through a micro usb plugged into my tvs usb port (this allows me to power the RPi on and off with the tv). Everythign is controlled through the plex app on my phone. Streams up to 1080p perfectly and everything runs smooth as silk. 

Going to be completely rebuilding soon, so lets see if I can push my 3570K past 5ghz with some 1.4+ voltage…..

New neighbors = new WiFi connections. Time to break out reaver and have a little fun.

Almost done rebuilding my home server, just have to go pick up a graphics card and order my new drives. 

Fractal Design Define R4

Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 

AMD FX6300

Crucial 120GB SSD

8GB RipJaw 

Corsair HX750 watt PSU

AF120 fans

Soon to be added:

4x4tb WD Red

1X3tb WD Red

Asus GT 520

Made a little extension on my desk, a shelf to put my computer on. Also serves as a handy place to mount my network stuff (switch, client router). Drilled some holes for nice clean cable management.

woo 3 monitors/ 

Custom work on my bitfenix prodigy comin along. Windows is done, front is flipped and parts are all painted. Custom lines on my h100i. Just need to finish up the piece covering the psu and get my lights and sleeved cable extensions.

Isn’t she sexy? Just gotta get my sleeved psu extensions tomorrow